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  • David Tyrer

Premier League season likely to be delayed even further

A report (via the Liverpool Echo) claims that the EFL clubs have been told that the 19/20 season is likely to be delayed once again.

The date was set last week and it was agreed amongst Football League clubs that the season would get back underway on 30th April, but that is looking ever more unlikely by the day now.

Apparently, due to the country having been officially on 'lockdown' since Monday, the likelihood of players being able to train again is looking less likely to happen any time soon.

Supposedly EFL clubs are now being informed that training will not resume any time before 14th April, with the UK lockdown likely to last for a three-week period.

This, of course, will likely reflect on the Premier League but the fact that the top flight is worth literal billions means that all efforts will be made to ensure that the season finishes.

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