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  • David Tyrer

Player ratings: West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

So can we say, in the words of Jurgen, that was not so cool?

Probably worse than the Leicester City display in many ways, creating few chances of note and lots of side-ways passes and squandering of promising opportunities.

Once again, this is unlikely to be pretty.

Alisson - Had little to do, in all honesty but one wayward - and needless - headbutt out to a team mate at the end almost gave the ball back to West Ham and wasted precious seconds. 6

James Milner - Once of Milner's worst display. Constantly caught high up the field and never looked comfortable with the role. Who knew how 1-footed Milly was? Hopefully Trent is fit by the weekend. 4

Joel Matip - The one defender who didn't look all that flustered and at times looked frustrated with his defensive team-mates. Made a number of solid tackles and interceptions and held the back-line together, despite his team-mates attempts to the contrary. 7

Virgil Van Dijk - A 2nd poor display 5 days for Van Dijk, the usually unflappable Dutchman hasn't looked himself since the break. It is a concern as his calmness normally exudes throughout the team but he's looked anything but for the past 2 draws. 5

Andrew Robertson - Misplaced balls, poor in possession and aimless crosses. This is not the Robbo we've come to expect. 4

Fabinho - Often an island of calm in a sea of cluelessness. Had he not been there, the scoreline would've been much less flattering. 7 Man of the Match

Naby Keita - Awful first half, with the incident where he lost possession and then casually strolled back without picking up a single home player but probably our most improved player in the 2nd. He tried. But it just isn't clicking yet. Surely, it will come. 6

Adam Lallana - Bizarrely hammered by LFC fans before the match had even begun. He actually happened to be our best player in the first 45 minutes. Faded quickly in the 2nd and was taken off after 68 minutes for Shaqiri. Lovely little flicked pass, after cleverly holding onto the ball, to an offside Milner. Who cares, without it we'd have lost that one. 6

Sadio Mane - When Mo and Bobby just aren't doing the business, what hope do we have? Well, even when the former are having on-days, you can always rely on Mane. He rarely gives less than 100% and is an often lone runner, willing to work his way across the front to make space for himself and his team-mates. Tried but, like many of his team-mates, just wasn't happening for him tonight. 6

Roberto Firmino - While he was disappointing last time out, tonight he was positively pants. The one thing you can always rely on with Bobby is his work-rate, even that was missing. He constantly lost the ball, often without being under any pressure and tried his usual flicks and tricks when there were better options on for him. Could well find himself benched on Saturday afternoon. 4

Mo Salah - Showed some clever foot-work once or twice but found it hard to get into the match at times. West Ham stifled him a lot, much like Leicester did. As we said last week: teams are going to do this to him more and more and it's up to Liverpool's manager and players to find a way to bring him back into the game when the opposition do. 6


Xherdan Shaqiri - Not great, in all honesty. He gave it away quite a lot, and attempted a few lofted balls forward that went nowhere. 5

Divock Origi - The forward made some good forward runs, looked lively but missed the chance to win it for the Reds at the end. We didn't deserve to so not really his fault. 6

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