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  • David Tyrer

Player Ratings: Watford 3-0 Liverpool

Bloody hell. You wait months for one defeat, then two come along in a fortnight. Liverpool were poor against Atletico, average against West Ham but shocking tonight.

We got away with it big time on Monday night, taking encouragement from a bit of dodgy goalkeeping and then turning the screw.

But Watford didn't let us near them tonight. One shot off the post from Lallana in the second hald, and a shot straight at the keeper from Andy Robertson are all we had to show for 99 minutes worth of football.

If the match had carried on, we could've played all night and probably still wouldn't had scored.

Credit where it's due though, Watford wouldn't let us play, and they played out their game-plan to a T.

So the long unbeaten run is over. We won't beat the record of Arsene Wenger's 'Invincibles', we won't beat Man City's 18 game winning streak (just equal it, instead). But we will still go on to win the Premier League, provided this is just that: a blip. It has to be.

Alisson - Made a couple of worldies and, at times, looked to be the only player keeping Watford at bay. Did little wrong and will feel aggrieved at how many of the outfield players let the team down. 7 Man of the Match (?)

Trent Alexander-Arnold - The least worst of the back line, despite being given the runaround by Gerard Deulefeu. He would have been grateful for him going off, but that didn't stop his team mates conspiring to gift the home side even greater chances. 6

Virgil Van Dijk - Let's be honest, he wasn't very good. The world's best defender will have his off days. We've waited almost two years for one this bad, but it was a collective bad performance from the defence, not just him. 5

Dejan Lovren - The Croatian will take the brunt of the blame, but it's unfair. He made mistakes and misplaced passes, but no more then any other player. He just wasn't very good. Got bullied by Deeney a few times but generally coped with him well. Strangely. 5

Andy Robertson - Not too good at either end. But managed to get off a decent shot in the second half. Straight at the keeper and couldn't make much of the return ball back. 6

Fabinho - Looked to be trying to put out too many fires, and overstretched himself many times. Not his fault, per see, but his passing let him down often. Didn't look to put as many balls through, as he often does either. 6

Gini Wijnaldum - A rare stinker for Gini, who just looked totally off the pace. Many will often ask 'what does he do'. Well, if he'd been on top of his game today, we probably wouldn't have conceded three goals. But that's not blaming him. It was a bad day all around. 5

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - Gave us that drive and energy that we lacked in the first half in mid-week but he wasn't able to actually contribute a great deal of note. He would often overhit passes or over-extend himself. Still a long-road to getting back into his game. 5

Sadio Mane - Much like Trent was the 'least worst' of the back four, Mane was that of the front three. He did what he could with limited space, and gave Watford a few worries with his pace and trickery but ultimately it all came to zilch. 6

Mo Salah - As frustrating as he was in the week, but without the very fortunate bit of goalkeeping that gifted him a goal. He had a few half-chances, and just as many opportunities to pass it but always delayed or shot too late. 5

Roberto Firmino - Just poor. Very, very poor. He always puts in a shift but he his touch, passing and final ball all let him down today. Needs to improve, as it hasn't been an amazing season in general for our Bobby. 5


Adam Lallana - Actually had our best shot of the match after coming on in the second half. Looking urgent and insisted of having the ball. May have been a good starter, in hindsight. Shame he hadn't come on sooner. 6

Divock Origi - We all love big Div, but let's be honest... he was absolutely useless after coming on. 4

Takumi Minamino - Had not time to make a real impact, and didn't at all. N/A

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