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  • David Tyrer

Player Ratings: Liverpool (Champions of Europe) 2-0 Spurs

A little bit of a belated player ratings, you'll have to forgive us that because the celebrations took over.

So it'll be a short one, as most of our time right now is being taken up watching re-runs of the match, clips of our fans in Madrid, Klopp drinking beer, hanging off a bus and the 750,000+ fans in Liverpool last night.

Alisson - Had very little to do in the first 55 minutes but once Spurs got a foothold in the midfield, he was absolutely immense. If you ever doubted his worth, you won't now. 10 Man of the Match

Trent Alexander-Arnold - A 20 year old, appearing in his second Champions League final - only Liverpool can write stories like that. He was superb, but struggled to deliver with his crossing and set pieces. 7

Virgil Van Dijk - Had some shaky moments, but he's allowed the odd off game. Best player in the world this season? Hard to disagree, with him being a European Champion now! 7

Joel Matip - The Cameroonian has come on leaps and bounds in the past 6 months, he was excellent all night, barely looked phased and added Harry Kane to his back pocket collection, along with Messi. 8

Andy Robertson - Comfortable and made some classy deliveries. Many of his attacking team mates weren't at their absolute best. 7

Fabinho - Was doing a lot of the midfield work himself, as Gini wasn't quite at his best. Looked like it was all second nature and dealt well with Sissoko until he went off in the second half. 8

Jordan Henderson - Was the captain we needed to be on the night, doing all the dirty work and finally getting the praise, and reward he deserved. 7

Georginio Wijnaldum - Struggled but it's hard to really criticise him as he wasn't alone. Many players were just below par. Thankfully, a change was made quickly enough so that we were more comfortable defending by the time Spurs began to turn the screw. 6

Sadio Mane - Wasn't able to score in a second consecutive final but was probably the Reds' main threat all night. Broke a few times late in the second half that kept Spurs on the back foot at times, when they were looking for that late equaliser. 7

Mo Salah - Kept his nerve to open the scoring in the first couple of minutes from the spot. They were terrified of him and he probably should've had another late on. 7

Roberto Firmino - Was badly off the pace and didn't look fit. Substitution probably could have come sooner. 5


Divock Origi - Was actually quite poor, couldn't pass straight and looked more tired than most of the players who'd bee on the fielder longer. But scored the goal that won us the game. How can you argue with that! 7

James Milner - At one point, Klopp was seen looking around for his main man to calm things down. He came on and we suddenly looked more composed. Did the job and got the only medal he was missing. 7

Joe Gomez - Was only on for a short spell, had little to do really. NA




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