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  • David Tyrer

Player Ratings: Liverpool 4-0 Southampton

The Reds will have fewer bad first half performances and perhaps even less second half performances this season.

It really was a case of night and day for the Premier League leaders, who were barely present for the first 45 minutes, before turning up big time in the second.

Southampton really made a game of it, even up to full-time they were still trying to create chances, but ultimately they couldn't take theirs and that's how football goes.

Liverpool, though, had plenty of chances in the second half and took most of them, with Mo Salah (2), Jordan Henderson and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain putting Southampton down in style.

A hat-trick of assists and another from the captain capped off a fine second 45 minutes, as Liverpool once again showed why the title is edging closer to Anfield by the week.

By the end of the 90 minutes, the away side must have felt equally hard-done by as they did lucky that they hadn't lost 8-0 as well. It truly was a 'game of two halves', as they often say.

Alisson - The man is a goalkeeping phenomenon. He came out and smothered a ball in the first half, shortly after saving Van Dijk after an uncharacteristic cock up. Made some good saves. The second half he collected a ball in a dangerous area, whilst sliding across the box, and had the wherewithal to throw it out for a corner before he slid out of the box. Overall, he kept us in it up to half time and had a deserved rest during the second half. 8

Trent Alexander-Arnold - Delivery was slightly off but never shied away from making himself available and defended well. 7

Virgil Van Dijk - Did what he had to against his former side, and you know he did because the boos have become less insistent each time we've played them. But he did slip a few times. Thankfully, we don't just have the best centre back in the world, we have the best keeper as well now. 7

Joe Gomez - Outshone his counterpart and was immense in the first of a first half where there were some sticky points. Brought it out of the back well throughout and looked comfortable for most of the second. 8

Andy Robertson - A good day for the left-back, albeit with some slightly awry deliveries at times. Good to see him gaining some form again after a rocky spell recently. 7

Fabinho - His first start with the senior team for around six weeks and, while he looked slightly rusty, he grew into his display. Was passing it around nicely late in the second half and looked thoroughly comfortable. It's reassuring to have him back. Even if we've kept mostly clean sheets in his absence! 7

Jordan Henderson - Another match and another barn-storming display form the captain. He may never be the player or individual that previous captains were but he's a hell of a player and a brilliant leader. Ensured the troops rallied in the first when Southampton were giving us hell and roused them in the second half, assisting one and scoring another. 8

Gini Wijnaldum - A solid, if quiet day for Gini who wasn't as active as he was mid-week. Could be due to the return of Fabinho, as Henderson seemed to be the furthest forward of the midfield three. Had a good chance first half though that he should've took. He passed. 7

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - Another game, another rusty display but another goal. If there's one thing that'll get him back into form, it's performances or goals. He's getting plenty of the latter this season so hopefully the form will follow soon. 7

Mo Salah - Bloody hell, is that the Salah that we love to watch. He was up for it today, even in the first half. But didn't get his reward til the second. A lovely chip over the keeper to make it three, before bundled Bobby's cross over the keeper for the fourth. He had other chances, but his overall display was brilliant and he even laid on a pass for Minamino to score! But Naby got in the way. 8

Roberto Firmino - Absolutely brilliant from Bobby today. Worked tirelessly, worked selflessly but his work is never pointless. It's always with a point, often long-term, in that he gradually wears down the resistance of the back line. They eventually cracked and by the end of the match he'd acquired three assists. Absolutely phenomenal. 9 Man of the Match


Naby Keita - Got a good 25 minutes and looked tidy. Will be nice to see more of him before May/June. 6

Takumi Minamino - Was actually really active and popped up in some great positions after coming on. Had a great chance to score, but Naby got in his way and it went wide. Had other chances to get into good positions, particularly the last chance but Salah got there first and made it four. 7

Adam Lallana - Only on for a few minutes at the end of the match. NA




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