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  • David Tyrer

Player Ratings: Liverpool 2-2 Chelsea (5-4 pens AET)

What a bloody awful game. You almost felt as if the final penalty save brought relief, rather than the pure joy of winning the Champions League.

Extra-time brought the sinking realisation that we had another 30 minutes of that turgid, slightly uncertain brand of football we've already seen at times so far this season.

Chelsea weren't great either, don't be hoodwinked into thinking they were. But their players played out of their skin to match us. Had Liverpool turned up, this would've been over early.

But we didn't and the players laboured away for 120 minutes and held their nerve in the penalty shootout. The end result will always be remembered though, and that match will be quickly forgotten. We're back on our bloody perch!

Adrian - Always looked confident but that extra bit of quality that keepers like Alisson has was missing. His distribution is better then either Karius or Mignolet and thankfully his shot-stopping is too. Saving the fifth of Chelsea's five penalties won us the shoot out. 7

Joe Gomez - Poor Joe. We won't go into too much detail, to save him that embarrassment. But the trophy and medal will have felt like a blessing after what was perhaps his worst display in a Liverpool shirt. After this, you have to seriously question the decision to not buy a specialist right back in the summer to alleviate some of the pressure on Trent So poor. 4

Joel Matip - Amazinly, some Reds still founds ways to criticise Matip. The lad was single-handedly marshalling the defence at times, with even the usually immense Van Dijk looking either all at sea or totally disinterested. Thankfully Matip (albeit a few mistakes aside too) was the same classy centre back he's been all of this calendar year. 8 Man of the Match

Virgil Van Dijk - Almost as worrying as the defensive displays so far this season has been the dip in Virg's form. He hasn't been awful, but he looked unsure of himself and indecisive at times. Almost as if he's still on his holidays. Hopefully it's just rustiness. Of most concern was that average attacking players like Tammy Abraham and Olivier Giroud caused him trouble more than a few times. 6

Andy Robertson - As against Norwich, he wasn't at his best. He almost looked as if he'd been told to not bomb forward as much. His crossing was far off its best too, but he was rarely caught out on his side, thankfully. 6

Fabinho - We can, however, usually rely on Fabinho and he ensured that Chelsea didn't run rampant at times. He broke up many attacks and protected a slightly creaking defence more than once. His forward passing wasn't as tidy but he didn't stop and crumpled with cramp near the end of extra-time. 7

Jordan Henderson - Seemed to have been given the job of helping Gomez down the right, but was clearly told to get out wide and support the attack. His crosses were actually decent throughout the first half but with our entire forward line being under six foot, it seemed odd to loft balls in to them, when TAA and Andy Robertson usually whip them across the box. 6

James Milner - Wow. Anybody ever seen Milner look so bad? He was fuming after he went off but you can only imagine he was angry with himself. Should've come off at half-time with Gomez and Oxlade-Chamberlain but somehow lasted another 25 minutes or so. 4

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - All we'll say is that he's not long been back. Was totally anonymous. But Jurgen, why did you start him on the left-wing? Baffling call. 3

Mo Salah - Had his moments and was clearly the one player that Chelsea were terrified of. For some reason we didn't make the most of that. But focusing on Salah often allows our other attackers to flourish. 7

Sadio Mane - So Mane did, with a couple of excellent goals which kept us in it through to the penalty shoot out. Like everybody else, looked a little rusty and slower than usual, but when he's even at half-pace most teams will struggle to stop him. 8


Roberto Firmino - We will never know why he didn't start but he was introduced at half-time and made an immediate impact as we scored to level things after 3 minutes. Was heavily involved in all we did and defended well as well. 7

Gini Wijnaldum - Was brought on for Milner and was twice as good. But that's not saying much. Gini kept it tight and helped defend, where James struggled, he tightened it up. 6

Trent Alexander-Arnold - His introduction was a welcome relief, but it meant that Gomez moved to left-back. Making it equally as clear that not buying a back up left back was an awful decision in the summer too. Was stronger in that position than Joe and penned Chelsea in more down that side. Crossing left a little bit to be desired though. 6

Divock Origi - Came on and added pace out on the left for a tired looking Mane. Scored his pen and lifted another trophy. All in a day's work for big Div. 6

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