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  • David Tyrer

Player Ratings: Fulham 1-2 Liverpool

If we're honest that could've - and should've - been so much easier. Fulham didn't look too interested in making a match of it.

It was one of those games against one of the Premier League's lesser teams where their sole aim is 'damage limitation' but they got too much encouragement from some of our poor passing and lax attitude.

The equaliser was as a result of that, with Virgil lazily heading the ball short back to Alisson, leaving a tap in for Ryan Babel.

But thankfully, Fulham were also in a generous mood and gifted us a daft penalty after their keeper pulled Mane back and Milner dispatched the penalty for all 3 points.

The teams we've got coming soon after will be looking for more from the first whistle, and we have to make sure we're ready for them. They won't be as generous as Fulham.

Alisson - Graeme Souness tried to blame Alisson for the goal, whilst Jamies Carragher and Martin Tyler tried to call it a mix-up. Let's not beat about the bush: it was nothing to do with the Brazilian. He just happened to be the one to suffer for the captain's mistake today. 6

Trent Alexander-Arnold - Bizarrely, Jim Beglin was seen on Twitter praising Trent to the hilt. The truth was, he didn't manage to pick out a single team-mate all day with his crossing. His passing was often short and he got the run-around from Babel all day long. 4

Joel Matip - Thankfully, the big Cameroonian wasn't in as generous a mood as Van Dijk. He stood firm, and looked un-flustered all game. 7

Virgil Van Dijk - Virg was coasting towards a comfortable '7', before his big mistake. That's probably the key point to make: after the mid-week mauling of Bayern, playing Fulham away on a rather miserable day in London was probably like coming back down to earth and Van Dijk, like too many of his team-mates looked disinterested and lazy. It can't be allowed to happen again, even for a second, in the remaining 7 matches. 5

Andrew Robertson - His overall play was largely much better then Alexander-Arnold's but his crossing was equally as bad. Both will hopefully come back feeling refreshed after 10-12 days away with their countries. 6

Fabinho - Never has Fab had a more uncomfortable day since the visit to Arsenal late last year. He received a booking for a daft challenge, and had it not come so soon after, he may have had another shortly after. Thankfully, he stayed on and played more intelligently in the 2nd half. 6

Gini Wijnaldum - Gini played the more influential game of the midfield 3. He managed to support the front 3 well, without forgetting his defensive duties. Should've done better with a late shot that went just wide. 7

Adam Lallana - Wasn't able to influence our approach play as much as he did last weekend, but worked hard to win possession back on the numerous occasions his team-mates lost it. Looked gassed when he went off, but will hopefully have a few more successful outings. 6

Sadio Mane - Another game, another man of the match award for Sadio. Gave Fulham murder all afternoon, whilst Salah toiled away on the other flank. Perhaps Mane is benefiting from most sides have 2-3 men on Salah at all times, perhaps he's just in great form. Either way, he got the opener and won the penalty that got us a very fortunate 3 points today. 9 Man of the Match

Mo Salah - Another 90 minutes of Mo snatching at half-chances when he could literally lay the ball off for a better chance to a team-mate. We almost wish this record would pass him by so he can get back to just being Mo again. Poor afternoon. We need him back at his best when Spurs arrive at Anfield in 2 weeks time. 5

Roberto Firmino - Not Bobby's afternoon, really. He didn't really do a great deal, and continues to look off the pace. Hopefully the break will do him good. 6


James Milner - Wasn't bad overall, and calmed the players down a bit. He's had a few poor games recently, but we're going to need his maturity and experience over the next 7 games. Scored what could be a priceless winning goal from the sport late on too.. 7

Divock Origi - Kept possession well on a few occasions and looks a more mature player than a couple of seasons ago. Likely to be off in the summer but could still be useful before. 6

Daniel Sturridge - Was on for less than 2 minutes. NA

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