• David Tyrer

Player Ratings: Everton 0-0 Liverpool

It's a seriously up and down period for the Reds lately and today was more of the same.

From a 5-0 smashing of a top Watford side in the week, to a turgid 0-0 at Goodison Park that, to us, feels like we've lost the world.

To Everton fans, it feels like they've won the World Cup, as Klopp would say. In reality, it's another stumble along the long marathon that is a title challenge.

There are still 27 points to get from the remaining 9 games. You have to assume that both us and City will drop more points between now and the end of the season.

Alisson - Was tested a bit more then recently but nothing of any really note. The Blues 'shots on target' were more or less straight at him and was generally un-flustered in distribution. 6

Trent Alexander-Arnold - It was a case of 'one extreme to the other' for Trent today. Spent half of his time in the Everton half, but to little effect. Crossing from corners, set-pieces and even open play rarely threatened to bypass the first defender. 6

Joel Matip - Uncharacteristic shaky performance from Matip, who seemed to be left wrong-footed by Calvert-Lewin on more than a few occasions. Settled gradually by the second half but Van Dijk was seen gesticulating at him angrily more than once. 6

Virgil Van Dijk - Our best player by some distance, and thankfully it was in a match where we needed a bit of his calmness. While all around them were losing their heads, Virgil was an island of calm and was as frustrated as us with some of his team mates passing and decision-making. 8 Man of the Match

Andrew Robertson - Was back to his best against Watford but was caught out too many times in the first half by Walcott. That continued in the second half and, like Alexander-Arnold, he was poor with his crossing and passing most of the game. 5

Fabinho - Rarely put a foot wrong, but seemed as confused by Gini's poor first half as the rest of us. Settled into a hectic game eventually and protected the defence well. Shame about his midfield partners. 7

Gini Wijnaldum - Can it be? Can Gini Wijnaldum actually have bad games? It is, and he did today. Was caught in possession often in the first half and it looked as if he had been targeted. His passing was equally poor and he regularly gave it away under little or not pressure. Let's hope that's his one bad game for the season now. 5

Jordan Henderson - Had a random opening 20 minutes where he gave it away as often as he played a superb ball through to a team mate. Once the match settled a bit more he slowed play down all too often, whereas Milner was often a key figure in that role in the week. 5

Sadio Mane - Got nowhere near the joy he did against Watford as the 'striker' but still caused them trouble. How the smallest man on the field manages to cause big, lumbering centre backs so many problems in the air or with his back to goal is anyone's guess, but he did. You only wish one of Mo's chances at fallen to him, in the form he's been in. Was a bizarre call to sub him for Mane, particularly after Salah's 2 poor missed opportunities. 7

Mo Salah - Another big star guilty of making it all too easy for the home side by given the ball away under absolutely no pressure. Then there was those 2 chances. Had he scored, we'd be talking about a tense, frantic but ultimately comfortable 2-nil win. Mo usually would but he hasn't been quite the same player this season and it was one of those days for him. 4

Divock Origi - Caused Everton a few problems down the left in the opening 45 minutes but faded quickly as the 2nd half went on. Was anonymous by the time he was subbed. 5


James Milner - How often does our 7/10 player get such a low rating? He was superb in the week, so probably felt aggrieved not to start. But what he showed when he came on was a continuation of what a lot of his team mates had done for 65 minutes: squandered possession under no pressure and gave away daft free kicks. Experienced players like him and Henderson will be needed in the next 9 games and we need much better from them than this. 4

Roberto Firmino - Tricky and had a few good opportunities but offered little real threat. 5

Adam Lallana - Barely had a chance to get going. NA


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