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  • David Tyrer

Player Ratings: Burnley 0-3 Liverpool

While the first two games of the season were a bit of a struggle at times, with a lot of rustiness, the match against Arsenal last week started that way but ended much differently.

The team were on fire in the final hour last Saturday and continued much the same way today. The first 20 minutes saw Burnley have plenty of the ball and some chances.

But by half time the game was basically over. Goals from Trent Alexander-Arnold (that was never an OG) and Sadio Mane finished Burnley off.

A little bit more from them early in the second half made little difference and the Reds eventually wore the home side down before adding the icing to the cake in the final ten.

Make no mistake, this was an impressive display and victory. Few sides will leave Turf Moor with such a comfortable, impressive victory.

Adrian - Adrian faced just two shots on target all game and had little to do. Got his first clean sheet as a Liverpool player and couldn't come in a tougher game. Excellent. 7

Trent Alexander-Arnold - When Jurgen Klopp heard after that match that Trent's goal had been given as an OG he was unimpressed, to say the least. An appeal should be lodged in fairness, as the deflection was minimal and there's no way to no it wasn't going in anyway. Otherwise, the youngster's crosses were constant and a constant threat throughout Brilliant display again. 8

Joel Matip - While Van Dijk is collecting awards the same way Salah was last season, Joel Matip is very quietly and unassumingly making a name for himself as the second best defender in the league. Possibly Europe. He was so comfortable today, up against two of the most difficult forwards in the league today and was superb in possession throughout again. 8

Virgil Van Dijk - Straight out of winning the UEFA Men's Player of the Year award two days ago, Van Dijk turned in another superb performance. Like Matip, he toyed with Barnes and Woods at time. Brilliant again. 8

Andy Robertson - To accommodate a more marauding Trent today, Robbo was less attacking but still no less of a threat. His crossing was only occasional but they still threatened when he did get a ball in. Defender well and never looked in danger at any times. 7

Fabinho - We, like everybody else at the club, are quickly running out of superlatives for Fabinho. He's starting to usurp Kante as the best DM in the league. But, unlike Kante, he has a range of passing that only a Brazilian could manage. His break up and destructive play today will go unnoticed but it shouldn't. He dominated the midfield. 8

Jordan Henderson - Since the match last week, Henderson has clearly been tasked with using his seemingly endless levels of energy to support Trent on the right. It's allowed the youngster to not worry so much about bombing back (or forward, at times) and the skipper was against very good. His sweeping crosses across the box weren't as deadly today but he was still as effective in his support role. 7

Gini Wijnaldum - People will ask again 'what does Gini do?', well he does a lot of the dog work that Firmino is glorified for, but he does it in the middle of the park where it isn't noticed as much. But his passing is neat, tidy and always with a point. We'd notice him if he wasn't there. 7

Sadio Mane - The winger was furious upon leaving the field, and rightly so. He doubled the lead, led Burnley's right back a merry chase all day and was on for a brace before Salah chose to try and dribble past 2 more Burnley defenders, rather than pass for tap in. He'll have to be content with a goal and a good display. Hopefully the whole thing blows over as we'll need these two if we're going to finally win number 19. 7

Mo Salah - An assist for Mo, and no goals, despite trying more than once to take on the entire Burnley team. Looks, Salah is probably the third best attacking player in the world but he's developed a greedy streak that has clearly been winding Mane up for a while. Hopefully that it came to a head today is a good thing and we can now put it to bed. 7

Roberto Firmino - A goal, and another fantastic display, Firmino has started the season on fire. He's also become the highest scoring Brazilian, and the first to meet 50, in the last six months and if he can keep up these sorts of man of the match winning displays after the international break then we'll have as good a chance as we've ever had. 8 Man of the Match


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - The match had started to taper off when he came on but then Burnley had a couple of half chances and it went up another notch. He managed a good long range effort before we scored our third and will be glad for more minute before the crucial break. 6

Divock Origi - A late sub with zero time to prove much. N/A

Xherdan Shaqiri - Like Origi, had barely any time to touch the ball. N/A




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