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  • David Tyrer

Player Ratings: Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool

A shocking afternoon. Absolutely abysmal. We deserved nothing and probably got even less. Villa thoroughly deserved their win, even if the scoreline was slightly harsh.

There's nothing really else to say. Jurgen Klopp has a lot of thinking to do about where we go from here. Adrian cocked up for the first. Joe Gomez was woeful and totally devoid of any confidence.

But the entire team, one or two aside, was awful. We won't be winning anything this season if our defence doesn't get some work done to it because it's been looking shaky since the back end of last season.

There's two weeks now until the Merseyside derby, a game in which we'll face the top team in the Premier League: Everton. But it's also a chance to level things out a bit, as a win would see us go onto equal points with them.

But for now, there's 7-8 players that Jurgen Klopp needs to give a massive bollocking to after that game today. There's no excuses at all for a display that atrocious.

Check out the player ratings below:

Adrian - 100% at fault for the first goal, as his ball out from the back put Joe Gomez in a tough position. Made a decent save mid-way through the first-half and couldn't do anything about Villa's other three goals. 4

Trent Alexander-Arnold - Woeful delivery for the most part and was regularly caught out down the right. That Trent/Gomez combination down that side has got to take a back seat after the international break. It's regularly targeted and almost as regularly exploited. 4

Virgil Van Dijk - Sloppy, lazy, disinterested and didn't see him shouting once. Not his best game and he's had one too many of those this season, worryingly. 4

Joe Gomez - If Adrian was to blame for the first, then Joe allowing the player to turn inside without actually being challenged didn't help. He did the same for the second goal and constantly lost the ball, dithered and looked devoid of confidence. Jurgen loves to show faith in a player but this can't go on any longer as it'll kill Gomez and our defence. 2

Andy Robertson - The better of the defenders, looking a threat going forward too, as his interplay with Jota caused most of the chances we created at the opposing end. 6

Fabinho - Did what he could to stem the tide but was all on his own in the middle at times as Wijnaldum and Keita went on holiday. 6

Naby Keita - Basically anonymous. Had little impact at either end and continues to looks lost in those games that we don't utterly dominate. 5

Gini Wijnaldum - A game that Gini will want to forget, as he failed to really get a foot into the game. Gave it away - often - and looked uncomfortable in possession. Another ditherer when he got further up the field, of which there were a few this evening. 4

Diogo Jota - Was easily the most likely to do something in the first half but wasn't able to take the chances that came his way. 7

Mo Salah - Purely my MOTM by default because he scored our two goals and, with Jota, looked the most threatening and likely to create something. Anything. 7 Man of the Match

Roberto Firmino - Missed several chances, constantly dithered, trying to set up team mates when he should've shot. Another player that should start to worry about his place in the team. 3


Takumi Minamino - Did a decent job after coming on, defending better than the actual defenders too. 6

Curtis Jones - I have to be honest, I forgot he came on about 2 minutes after he came on. 5

James Milner - Brought on to help stem the tide. Didn't really. 5

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