• David Tyrer

Peter Moore: Let's visit here with grace and humility

Sadly, the message from Liverpool FC CEO Peter Moore this morning had to be made after some vile behaviour from so-called LFC fans overnight in Barcelona.

The Reds take on the Spanish Champions tonight in the semi-final 1st leg, and thousands of Liverpool fans have made the trip to the Catalan capital in the last 24 hours.

Unfortunately though, there's always a minority of morons who stain the reputation of our collective fan-base and bring shame upon our club.

Peter Moore's message on Twitter this morning called for fans to treat the city with the grace and humility we'd expect of away fans in our own. He said:

We're hoping that the amount of stills and videos from different angles circulating on social media in the last day allows the club and Merseyside police to identify and ban/take action against the idiots involved.


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