• David Tyrer

Peter Moore has only just realised how big Liverpool are

He was born in Liverpool and went to University not far from Newcastle, but the Scouser and Liverpool fan has spent a large portion of his life away from the club and city he loves.

So when the call came in 2017 to become the new CEO of Liverpool, Moore was not going to turn that role of a life-time down.

But despite his two years working at the club, and his life-long support of the team, the size of LFC, the sheer amount of worldwide fans and what the club means to so many around the world still took him by surprise after the Champions League win a few weeks back.

He told the Liverpool Echo: "I am Liverpool born and bred but was gone a long time, and in my career, [I try to] provide some value.

"In the last few weeks I've been travelling around the world at various events and conferences and talking about the club with pride.

"I thought I knew how big this football club was and what it meant to people, but it's only when you're immersed in it, travelling the world, you see it.

"I will take to my grave being on the team bus and seeing the joy in people's faces as Millie (James Milner) and Robbo (Andy Robertson) and Virgil (van Dijk) all showed them the European Cup.

"And as we drove around the city, ironically, the point we left in Mather Avenue in Allerton was 100 yards from where I went to primary school.

"When we got there, I realised we were close to the Springwood school, where in the late 1950s I was a snotty-nosed little Scouser going to school in Allerton.

"Life has come full circle, who would have dreamt I would be getting on the team bus to show everybody the European Cup.

"In those days, we were in the second division and I was little kid, so that element of it, rings home hard to me and rings true."

The former EA, SEGA and Microsoft CEO has a wealth of experience working for some of the biggest brands in the world but it clearly means a lot to Peter to end his career at the club that he loves as much as the rest of us.


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