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  • David Tyrer

Paul Ince: 'We have to complete the season, whatever happens.. '

Former Liverpool midfielder (and, sadly, a captain) Paul Ince reckons there'll be absolute murder if Liverpool aren't awarded the title should the season be deemed null and void.

Many former players have given their opinions, and those usually align with whatever top flight club they played for most. So it's a surprise to hear Ince come out in favour of LFC.

Because, despite having spent 2 years with us, following a stint at Inter after falling out with Alex Ferguson, he still looks most fondly upon his days at Old Trafford.

He said (via the Mirror): "It’s a tricky situation because you can’t please everyone.

"Can you imagine 30 years of waiting to win the season and, when you’re on the brink, they end up making the season null and void?

"The uproar that would cause in Liverpool. Would we rather upset one team to make everyone else happy or give it to Liverpool?

"We have to complete the season whatever happens and, if that’s in May or June, you’re only talking nine games.

"Whether it’s behind closed doors or not, that’s for others to decide but there’s too much on the line for everybody, not just Liverpool."

Of course, it isn't just Liverpool in need of the season being finished, there's the Champion's League, relegation and promotion from the lower divisions; teams have worked for years to build up to their current positions.

But it only seems to be punishing Liverpool that matters to those that are intent on seeing the season ended 'early'.

Ince echoed this, adding: "Even relegation from the Premier League, it’s too close, so it’s crystal clear that we have to finish the season.

"We don’t know how long this is going to last for but making it null and void doesn’t make sense."

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