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  • David Tyrer

Owen says Liverpool wanted rid of Gerrard much sooner

So, unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you'll have some idea that former Man Utd striker Michael Owen has a new book out at the moment.

The book is apparently another autobiography, but the extracts being published and serialised in the press this week are all exclusively controversial sections. What a surprise.

The latest in the long line of extracts designed to piss off fans of every club he's ever played at is about Liverpool, and how the clubs - apparently - tried to get rid of him much sooner.

According to Owen "In Steven’s case, I severely doubt whether he really wanted to go and play in the States in 2015.

"I’ve heard that the club wanted him out two years prior to when he actually left.

"I’m sure he would rather have wound his career down at Liverpool, playing increasingly fewer games until he reached a point where he could be integrated into the coaching staff.

"This only happened later in his case. But instead, because he’d become so symbolic and so powerful, I believe he was forced out in the short term. Steven was bigger than the club."

What stands out as being most ridiculous in all of this, is that Gerrard, if anything, became more important under Brendan Rodgers as the quality in the squad had waned significantly following the Rafa Benitez period.

Gerrard, who is one of the record holders for appearances and goals at Liverpool, played 80 games in his last two seasons, being a regular throughout. But it was clear his powers had been on the wane for a couple of seasons and he wouldn't be playing as much.

It only made sense for Gerrard to step aside and leave the club when he did, as he wanted to continue playing regularly and Liverpool could no longer offer the captain that.

But the claims from Owen come across as nothing more than a desperate attempt to sell his new book and he appears determined to burn a few more bridges for a quick buck, or two.

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