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  • David Tyrer

Norwich City's Lewis desperate for LFC move

The Norwich City youngster Jamal Lewis is reportedly 'desperate' for a move to Anfield, according to reports today.

The 22 year old Northern Ireland international played over 30 times for Norwich last season, hitting 100 clubs appearances for the side by the end of the season.

He's seen as one of the most promising young full backs in the country, and would be a massive addition to Liverpool's squad options at left back.

And the Athletic are claiming this morning that Lewis is absolutely desperate to move to Liverpool, where he has no big concerns over playing second-fiddle to Andy Robertson. At least initially.

But the worry for LFC is that Norwich will reportedly not even pick up the phone for less than £20 million.

In a 'normal' market, that price would make some sense. But in the post-Covid market it's a price that only the richest clubs could afford. And even then, at a push. It remains to be seen whether Liverpool can work something out with his current club and bring him to Liverpool.

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