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  • David Tyrer

Nicol states bloody obvious: 'Liverpool should sign Fernandes'

It seems like, this season, barely a week goes by without Steve Nicol chatting nonsense. The former Red was a legendary player, but it's often felt he has an agenda in the things he says.

The ESPN FC pundit has had a lot to say about Liverpool this season, a lot of it quite negative, regularly picking out certain players for unnecessary criticism.

He also tends to find a new, weird angle on topics, seemingly finding the one downside of something positive. We're surprised he didn't spend the past fortnight complaining that we didn't play well on the way to winning our number six!

But this week, he's actually said something that makes sense (albeit it's stating the bloody obvious), in saying that Liverpool should move to sign Sporting Lisbon midfielder Bruno Fernandes after watching him win the Nation's League with his country.

Nicol said: "I think this would be a decent signing for Liverpool. He would play in the middle of the park.

"Generally Klopp’s [midfield] three are all about work, getting the ball back, feeding the front three.

"I think there’s going to be a stage where he has to try and add a little bit more than just somebody who is going to work hard and get the ball back.

"Bruno Fernandes can add to that. Yes he will get it back but I think he has a little bit more quality in the final third than what they have right now."

The Portuguese player, still only 24 years of age, had his best season to date this year, contributing 50 goals and assists in 53 games. Something that's largely been ignored in the mainstream, when discussing top scorers and players up for big awards.

The former LFC start went on: "I think Bruno Fernandes would be a good addition.

"Liverpool need to get a bigger squad and a bigger squad so that they can give people a break without the standard dropping.

"I think this could be a hit, I think this could be a good signing."

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