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  • David Tyrer

Nicol: Liverpool were atrocious against Bayern

So, of all the takes to.. take, former Liverpool defender and legend Steve Nicol decided that the Reds were awful last night.

He's had some downright mental opinions over the last few months and they just continue to get more and more weird.

Speaking to ESPN FC, he said: "I would love to say that Liverpool came and were just too clever and sat in a great spot but the truth is that I don’t think Bayern knew what they wanted to do.

"Clearly in the first leg they sat and gave nothing away.

"But at home, and the reason we all thought they were favourites, you’d expect them to be pushing again, but they didn’t. They didn’t go forward, they just sort of sat and waited.

"If you look at the stats, the only reason they had more possession was because Liverpool kept giving them the ball.

"That had nothing to do with what they were doing."

The players were pretty slow to get going in the first half, but had no problem keeping Bayern at arms' length, whilst also taking the lead. Going in at 1-1 at half-time was nothing to complain about either, considering the German champion's quality.

But that didn't stop Nicol. He went on: "Liverpool on the ball in this game overall, I thought they were atrocious.

"I thought they were as bad as I’ve ever seen.

"But it goes to show you stats don’t mean anything, and the only thing that matters is the scoreline, and Liverpool won 3-1."

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