• David Tyrer

Neville tries to pile pressure on Liverpool ahead of Spurs match

It wouldn't be a Sky Sports show without at least a little bit of anti-LFC propaganda, so leave it to Man Utd legend in the flesh Gary Neville to be the deliverer.

Neville was covering the Friday night Premier League match tonight and said on Sky Sports that Liverpool showed some 'anxiety' against United last weekend.

He said: "I think Sunday is a big game in the sense of Liverpool, they certainly didn't fall off the bike last weekend at Old Trafford but they displayed a little bit of anxiety, they weren't at their best and I think if they weren't to win this weekend you could say was it a blip or is there something beginning to creep in.

"I think for Tottenham if they ever wanted to announce themselves as being out of the rocky period then Anfield is the toughest place to play football. It's a really big game for both teams, I think Tottenham will struggle to deal with the intensity Liverpool play at but it was a strange performance.

"I know historically Liverpool struggle at Old Trafford and but it was a strange performance for 70 minutes. I just thought they were... I said it last year, I was sat thinking 'go on', you're a Championship winning team in the sense of what you were but I'm not sure if they can make that extra jump.

"Last year they were outstanding towards the end but Manchester United were far better than them last week for large portions of the game which surprised me."

A quick look back at that game last week, it's laughable to think that even somebody as entrenched in everything Man Utd as Neville could suggest that the home side were the better side for large portions of the match last week.

Liverpool were abject for large periods of the game and United could still only take advantage of that via some awful officiating and a VAR shambles.

As soon as the Reds turned up, somewhere around the time that Lallana and Keita entered the field, it was a different story altogether. With the home side struggling for possession for the final 15-20 minutes.

Liverpool will take on Spurs on Sunday, in what will undoubtedly pan out much differently to last Sunday, simply for the fact that the London side won't concede almost 70% of the ball to Liverpool and will actually attempt to attack from time-to-time.


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