• David Tyrer

Mourinho forgets he's been sacked again and aims dig at Klopp

So it's that time of year, when sacked managers start taking digs at managers like Pochettino and Jurgen Klopp for being 'lucky' enough to exist at a club where they're given time to improve a team or a squad.

This time, it's Jose Mourinho who, having been sacked from a big job for under-performing once again, has decided to aim what he probably thinks is a clever, disguised dig at Jurgen Klopp.

He was on that bastion of quality football pundits and sports coverage, BeIN Sports, after our match and said to them: "I would love to go to a club and be in conditions to do what Jurgen and Pep did.

"If you look at the ( Liverpool ) team that started the game, how many of them were there when Jurgen arrived? A couple.

"And when Pep was not happy with the full-backs he had (at City in 2016-17) and in the (next) summer bought four (three) full-backs that he liked.

"When he bought one goalkeeper like Claudio Bravo and was not happy with Claudio Bravo, the next season he bought Ederson.

"When Jurgen is in the club and wins absolutely nothing for three-and-a-half years and he still has the trust, still has the confidence, still has the conditions to try to keep going and going.

"Probably this season they have a big chance to do it – the first time that they win a trophy.

"In my next job I will not be starting a conversation without knowing exactly what the club wants and what the club has to give in terms of structure and the club objectives."

For those football fans as yet uninitiated in Mourinho-speak, it sounds like he's being complimentary on the face of it. Don't be fooled, he's taking the opportunity to say 'I won 3 trophies at United and still got sacked. Klopp has won nothing and he's still in a job there!'

Unfortunately for Mourinho, he moves to clubs with huge financial backing and is expected to provide instant success. Klopp chooses a 'project', in which a football club is competing against financially more powerful sides and has time to build a club up over years.


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