• David Tyrer

Mourinho claims Spurs can't compete with World & European Champions Liverpool

He's not wrong really, is he?

But being more humble about it, you have to say that, while competing over the course of a full season is probably beyond this Spurs team, competing in a one-off match shouldn't be.

We all saw how Spurs were able to cope and have plenty of possession against us in the final last June, it didn't stop them making a game of it, despite never really threatening.

If there's one thing that Jose loves though, it's to blame everything - and everyone - else for his team's failings, other than himself. And that seems to be what he's doing since Saturday.

During his press conference yesterday, he said: "Come on, it is what it is.

"Yesterday, I was watching Man City and I looked to the bench: (Raheem) Sterling, Bernardo Silva, (Ilkay) Gundogan, (Nicolas) Otamendi. You know?

"Liverpool, you see the team, you see the bench.

"And they have injured (Joel) Matip, (Dejan) Lovren, (Naby) Keïta, Fabinho. I’m not jealous, I have an amazing job, but they are different jobs."

All you can say is: how the mighty have fallen. It looks as if Jose's opportunities to mould big clubs in his image and then cause the rot to set in when he's gone within three years has long since passed.

Unfortunately, Spurs won't realise it was a bad move before it's too late. Would they really have been any worse off in keeping Poch and just backing him again in January? Probably not, no.


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