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  • David Tyrer

Mo Salah's agent responds to ridiculous Sky Sports claims

Another day, another attempt by the media to downplay either a Liverpool player or some part of our success over the last few years.

Yesterday it was Sky Sports' turn (again) to stick the boot in. This time in the form of a sideways attack on Mo Salah. And, bizarrely, his goal scoring record.

Apparently, according to the article in question, Liverpool are in the market for Timo Werner and the fans would support him replacing Salah in the team. Whether that's with Salah being sold, or simply moved.

They also suggest that Salah's game has changed/dropped off, and that he doesn't score enough anymore and isn't consistent. Also, with a direct quote from Jamie Carragher, add that Liverpool fans don't appreciate him as much as they should.

So, perhaps predictably, Salah's agent and friend, Ramy Abbas, took to Twitter to point out some facts about Salah. He said:

So there you have it, more spurious claims about Salah put to bed pretty easily. The idea that Liverpool would sell Salah on purely because he's too old or hasn't scored as much this season is ridiculous. He's one of the few world class forwards operating in football right now.

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