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  • David Tyrer

Milner's dad made up with his unbeaten goal-scoring record

In a career that has spanned almost 20 years and over 700 career games at the highest level, James Milner really is an unstoppable force.

A top-level athlete, a superb footballer, leader on and off the pitch, and turns out he has a cracking sense of humour too. Oh, and he's also won every trophy at club level as well, over his glittering 18 year career.

But don't bother his dad with all that. He's most concerned with the fact that his son has never lost a league game in which he's scored!

Speaking in an interview with, Milner was asked about that record. To which, he said: "I never think about it! My old man is normally the one who brings it up after a game, he says, ‘Oh, your record is still intact’ if I score.

"Probably the biggest thing with that record is I haven’t scored as many goals as I should have.

"But it’s ridiculous isn’t it, really? I can’t explain why. It’s crazy really, something I can’t really explain."

So as it stands, Milner has scored 55 goals in the Premier League, not losing a single one of those games. A pretty impressive record, considering he's played for some relegation fodder throughout his long career.

The veteran midfielder also had a nice word or two for his current boss too. When asked how he ranks Klopp amongst the managers he's played for, he said: "He’s right up there at the top, if not the best.

"His training sessions are different to anything I’ve ever done before.

"You never, ever do a session [on autopilot], whether it’s a passing drill or a shooting drill – everything is reacting to the next situation."

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