• David Tyrer

Milner reaction: A point gained today

There's been a raft of different reactions to a 2nd disappointing draw in 5 days for the Reds. And, as is always the case, it goes from one extreme to another.

On the one hand, there's Liverpool fans who are remarkably collected and calm. They see this as all part of the journey and a couple of bad results don't phase them in the least.

Then there's those that go off the deep end and simply can't handle the pressure. These fans are often so extreme that they'd like Klopp sacked and FSG are terrible. As are most of our squad.

But the players seem very together and calm about the result. Which, in a way, is reassuring. Because the last 2 performances have been anything but.

Speaking after the match, Liverpool vice-captain James Milner spoke to Liverpoofc.com. He said: "It is like that in football. You have ups and downs in your career and you have ups and down within a season.

"It is about not getting too down and there is such a long way to go, it wouldn’t surprise me if the lead changes hands all the way to the end, but we have to be confident we can get the job done. It is in our hands and there is a long, long way to go.

"I think we should enjoy being in this position, these are the positions you want to play in. It is a lot worse at the bottom end of the league when you are fighting against relegation or playing for nothing in mid-table, so let’s enjoy it and push forward together – ourselves, the fans and the whole club – and embrace it.”

Despite having had an 11-day break during which most sides played some form of cup football, the team often look tired and off-the-pace, compared to West Ham who were faster to every ball and made Liverpool look second rate for much of the match.

Milner was being upbeat about the result though, and he went on: "Maybe we just lacked that energy for some reason. But, like I say, you go through these phases in the season and we’re not losing games, that is the important thing.

"Nothing has changed, we are still top, which is a nice place to be at this stage of the season. We’ve got a long, long way to go and lots can change, but let’s enjoy being in this position and let’s enjoy our football – and hopefully get a few players back, because we have had a bit of a bad run with injuries and a bit of bad luck.

"Everyone gets it at different times of the season; this is our time and it is how we deal with it. Going through this phase, teams changing and things like that, it is how you deal with it as a squad, and the squad has stuck together.

"You look at the bench, a very young bench, and it is good to give those guys experience. Adam [Lallana] has come in and done very well – I think that is important, more minutes for him.

"But it is how you deal with these periods of the season and hopefully we can keep picking up points and pushing on."

Milner also took to Twitter after the match to Tweet that he felt that it was basically a point gained for the Reds and asked fans to work with the players to ensure we keep on pushing.

Let's hope Milly's experience of having already won a couple of the things at City can spread to the rest of the squad over the next few matches and we pick up our form once again.


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