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  • David Tyrer

Milner looking for Champions League redemption

For many Liverpool fans, the disappointment of the Premier League was slightly tempered by the fact that we also had a second consecutive Champions League final to contest.

Most of us were in a bad way after last season's final. It had been such a huge moment, like we'd re-announced ourselves to the world. We had Mo, Sadio, Bobby and it felt like destiny was on our side.

So to lose Mo Salah, the best player in the world last season, so early into the game to such a typical Ramos foul, felt like everything had turned against us.

No doubt, if we felt that way as fans, the players felt equally as let down. So it's no surprise to hear James Milner, a starter in last year's final, speak about redemption is no big surprise.

Speaking to the club's official website, on Sunday, he said: "When you think of 30 wins out of 38, at the start of the season you’d like to think that’s good enough. But obviously that shows how good Man City are as well. It’s disappointing.

"We have to be proud of what we’ve achieved. Unfortunately it’s just short, but obviously what we did earlier in the week [versus Barcelona] gives us a chance to go and redeem ourselves and get a piece of silverware because I think everyone deserves a bit of silverware. I think the team especially, these boys, how they grind out results.

"What we’ve been through in the last two weeks from Barcelona away, putting on a pretty good performance and losing like we did, to go to Newcastle with a quick turnaround and grind out a result and then obviously do what we did in midweek and then bounce back again today, knowing it was out of our hands [but] to get that result - I haven’t got enough good words to say about the character within the squad, the ability and the mentality.

"The fans have been unbelievable all year, they’ve lifted us when we’ve needed them, they’ve stuck with us when it’s been tough in games and like I say, the boys deserve a bit of silverware, but the fans do too."

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