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  • David Tyrer

Mills reckons Sane would sign for Liverpool, if they want him

It's not every day you get a former Man City player, and life-long hater of all things related to Liverpool FC, admitting that we could snatch one of their star players.

But that's what we've heard from Danny Mills today, who says that Leroy Sane would come to Liverpool. If we wanted him.

Arguments for and against have been made, with many stating that his allegiance to City and Guardiola would see him turn down a move, instead preferring a return to Germany.

Mills, though, doesn't agree. Speaking to Football Insider, he said: "Clubs do not want to sell to their immediate rivals and that is normally the biggest problem.

"If Liverpool want Sane I am pretty sure he would go there given the opportunity. Why wouldn’t you?

"We have seen players do far worse. It is not a Manchester United-Liverpool or a Leeds-Manchester United. The rivalry is not of that ilk."

And let's be honest, he's right. Man City are nothing, in terms of actual rivals, in the long term. They're only rivalling us currently, as they're our main challengers for most trophies.

Sane would certainly be a huge addition, but the main reason the move is unlikely, is because he's be taken Shaqiri's spot on the bench. He's not likely to oust Mane or Salah anytime soon.

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