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  • David Tyrer

Mignolet surprises with bitter comments on Klopp and Liverpool exit

While he was at Anfield Simon Mignolet was never anything but the epitome of professionalism. He rarely complained and seemed content to play as back-up.

But obviously, no international footballer is going to be happy sitting on a bench anywhere, so it was no surprise to see the Belgian leave in the summer and return to his home land.

Even when he left his comments were nothing but complimentary, he knew he was never going to dislodge Alisson. And now he's considered the best in the world, the thought is even more ludicrous than it probably was before.

So to hear his comments overnight comes as quite a surprise, as he expressed his discontent with Jurgen Klopp and his feelings over Alisson's untouchable position between the sticks.

He told Het Belang van Limburg: "If I could really fight for my place, I might have stayed.

"But if I had ended up in goal if Alisson picked up injury, I would be allowed to push ten shots out of the box.

"Then Alisson could immediately claim his place again.

"And even if he pushed the ball into his own goal, he would still retain [his place in the starting XI].

"What sense did it make for me?"

It's sad to hear Mignolet talk in such a way, considering how many opportunities he had to prove himself at Liverpool, usually going through a briefly good run of form before dropping a number of clangers in very quick succession.

It's only since Alisson arrived at Anfield that the position has felt like it was nailed down by any one player. If Mignolet couldn't claim the position permanently for himself after five years at the club then he has nobody to blame but himself for that fact.

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