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  • David Tyrer

Merson: Liverpool don't get the credit they should do

It's a rare thing to hear a viewpoint that makes some sense on Sky Sports' Soccer Saturday, given their panel generally includes a who's who of 'Proper Football Men'.

But you do occasionally get a brief epiphany. Weirdly, those random, cogent thoughts often come in the form of Paul Merson.

Much like the Infinite Monkey Theorem that suggests that a monkey hitting the keys of a typewriter for long enough, would eventually reproduce a classic text or best selling novel, it stands to reason that if Merson talks long enough he'll eventually say something useful.

So to hear him say that the Reds don't get enough credit for how dominant we've been in the last 18 months is a nice change. Particularly when you consider it is something we have all come to understand, and know that none of our rivals will ever afford us that credit.

Merson isn't having that though. He's mentioned it in the past, but he's somewhat confused by the fact that Man City are - once again - favourites for the Champions League.

He just can't get his head around it: "Why are Liverpool not favourites to win the Champions League? They've been at two straight finals. Manchester City haven't even looked like winning it, and they are favourites.

"I don't think Liverpool get the respect they should get; this is the best team in Europe by some distance.

"If you want to beat them, you need two or three goals. They don't go to park the bus. I can only really see Man City beating them."

According to the former England and Arsenal star, Jurgen is that good, he could probably take any team into the Premier League. He added: "I'm a great lover of Jurgen Klopp.

"I could use any team here, but I'm just going to say Rotherham... I think Klopp could go to Rotherham and take them to the Premier League in time. He's that good."

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