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  • David Tyrer

MEN continues weird anti-LFC agenda after Kyle Walker escapes red card

Is the Liverpool Echo biased towards Liverpool and Everton? Of course it is, it's our local paper so it'll always lean our way, against teams outside the city.

But the Manchester Evening News takes things to a whole new level after Man City, once again, scraped through to the final of the FA Cup after more poor refereeing calls.

After Man City fans (and let's be honest, it was most football fans) spent most of last night crying their eyes out over our first goal which was definitely offside, the MEN decided to write the following article, taking a sly side-swipe at Liverpool fans.

The article is basically a couple of 100 words, followed by a number of Tweets from Reds asking why there's such a one-eyed view of bad decisions where LFC are concerned after City's own Kyle Walker escaped with a yellow card, when it should've been a red.

The undertones are pretty clear, but we'd expect nothing less from a paper not renowned, of late, for it's journalistic integrity.

Let's be honest now, for every offside or 'dodgy penalty' we've had this season, Man City have had their own share of bad calls. More, if we're honest. But don't let that get in the away of a weird anti-Liverpool bias. We'll drink that stuff up all week long!

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