• David Tyrer

MEN continue attempts to create rivalry between Liverpool and City

It was a fairly innocent comment by Mo Salah, ahead of Liverpool's title clash with Man City on Sunday.

In an interview with Sky Sports, he simply said: "They were talking about that in December last year when we were six or seven points ahead.

"It is not over. It is three games. If you go through a period of time and lose three games, you are in trouble.

"Even if we win, it is a long way. We are in November, it is too early to talk about the Premier League."

All rather boring and quite typical of footballers these days, who have extensive media training so they're not overstepping any lines or causing a particularly bad ruckus.

Leave it to the Manchester Evening News though to attempt to stoke the fires of an LFC vs Man City rivalry that extends beyond the current title race with the headline:

Liverpool FC star Mohamed Salah sends title warning to Man City ahead of Sunday's clash

Mo Salah, as you can see, did or said nothing of the sort. He sent no warnings at all, he basically just said the result won't decide where this season's title ends up.

Sadly, it's all the Manchester based paper seem to do anymore, whilst Man Utd are struggling to be relevant, they will continue to try to make Man City relevant on a larger scale.

Most Liverpool fans mock the idea of an 'extended' rivalry with City, who most see as a temporary entity that will slink back into the shadows once Guardiola leaves. But as for Sunday, we'll have to see how the present 'rivalry' goes.


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