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  • David Tyrer

Mane vows that Liverpool will 'play every game like it's a final'

With just 16 games remaining in this season's Premier League every opponent that Liverpool play will be out for blood.

Man Utd came out of Sunday's game feeling like they'd come close to getting something out of the game. But in reality they didn't come close at all.

As with so many league rivals this season, the feeling of having come close against is was just that: only a feeling. Liverpool have a habit for keeping opponents at arm's length without ever letting them get close enough to land a real punch.

Wolves tonight, though, may present a different type of opponent. But one of our stars of the season, Sadio Mane, has vowed to ensure that the players give 100% in every remaining game. Starting tonight away to Wolves.

He told "It's a very, very good side with very, very good players.

"They are doing well in the league.

"After all, we know we also have a good team and I think we now have experience in the Premier League. We know this kind of game won't be easy but we also know how to deal with this kind of game, which is another advantage for us.

"It won't be easy and we'll take it very, very seriously because for us now, [it's about] just taking [it] game by game without making pressure for ourselves and play every single game like a final. If you want to achieve things, you have to do it."

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