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  • David Tyrer

Mane: Robbo is the loudest at Liverpool

If there's one thing we know for certain about the squad that Jurgen Klopp has built, it's that they're a good bunch of lads that all seem to get along well and enjoy playing together.

Whether it's the video clip from Wednesday of Mo Salah being spotted during training by three of his team-mates, whilst doing push-ups.

Or Jurgen sipping a cold beer and chuckling to himself as his players take the plunge in a freezing lake during pre-season.

But if we had to answer which player was the loudest in the squad, it'd be a tough one. Van Dijk? He's certainly loud on the pitch, whilst Bobby has a loud personality, but is apparently not a loud guy off it.

According to Sadio Mane, the loudest lad in the squad is actually Robbo. Should we be surprised that he chose a Scot? Probably not at all!

In a long article on, Mane said: "We have a good relationship as a squad. I have been here three years and some players have come in since and are new, but it’s like we’ve been together since my first year here. This is something that makes Liverpool special, I think.

"Who is the loudest? Robbo, always! He is always, talking. You might think he is quiet, but he is always talking, always joking, talking loudly, everything!

"Of course, training is sometimes very hard, but when it’s hard in training I think that will ultimately make things easier in a game. That’s why I think if we play at a high tempo, it’s difficult for any team to play against us because of the training, so we actually enjoy the intensity of it."

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