• David Tyrer

Mane made up with Klopp's new Liverpool deal

If you'd gone through every Liverpool fan on the planet the day Jurgen Klopp signed a new contract, you'd find everyone of them more delighted than the last.

But you'll be hard-pressed to find anybody as happy as our own Sadio Mane who has spoken of his happiness at the news.

Speaking (via the Liverpool Echo), Sadio said: "It was a really good day for the club!

"I was delighted to see all the signings and we are really happy to have the boss and his assistants here for a longer time.

"I would struggle to describe just how good and how successful he has been for Liverpool. Everybody can see what he has done for this club, for this city and the quality he has as a manager.

"There are a lot of good managers in Europe but what I can say is that our manager always has the right words and the right things to manage his team, especially knowing how to deal with his team.

"I would always trust his influence on the team. He is a winner and I would say he is the best in the world."


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