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  • David Tyrer

Man City should buy Van Dijk, says former Liverpool striker

Of all the moronic comments to make - and let's be honest he makes a lot, we really can't think of anything more daft to suggest than what Stan Collymore has said today.

According to the former LFC forward Manchester City should make Van Dijk their main priority in the summer.

The Dutch star has been one of the Premier League's best players this season, with the Reds only concedi 15 goals in 29 games and Van Dijk has received a huge amount of the credit for that.

But the Mirror columnist ignored all sense and said: "I know Pep Guardiola has said he’ll prioritise a full-back and a defensive midfielder in the summer.

"But if I was him the first person I’d be targeting is Virgil van Dijk.

"I’d offer John Stones and Nicolas Otamendi plus £150million for the Dutchman and I wouldn’t stop until Liverpool accepted my offer was simply too good to turn down.

"I know Jurgen Klopp has a long-term contract at Anfield and that, if Liverpool don’t win the Premier League, they will finish probably finish second and won’t want to be selling their best players.

"Especially not to their rivals."

Having signed the centre back last January for £75 million, and considering how much his value will have increased during his amazing run of form this season, City could offer their entire defence and £250 million and the club would laugh in their faces.

He went on: "But Van Dijk is one of those incredibly gifted athletes and would make any defence on Planet Earth significantly better.

"And if City want to become the dominant force they say they want to, then going all out for him would be a no-brainer."

Of course, what the player himself wants isn't taken into account in Collymore's grand plan for City's world dominance. Perhaps Virgil would love to move to the exotic city of Manchester, on obscene amounts of money and win many titles backed by oil money.

Or perhaps he has a bit more integrity and would value winning a few less trophies at a club where he's already having songs sung and written about him and he's already being talked about alongside such legendary players as Phil Thompson, Alan Hansen, Sami Hyppia and Jamie Carragher?

He then goes on to compare Virgil to some of the best defenders in the game, both past and present, but gives the impression that he'll have to move if he wants any success.

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