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  • David Tyrer

Man City midfielder Rodri makes laughable post-match claim

All the talk after the match last night has been about the debatable handball decision that wasn't given against Trent Alexander-Arnold.

It was pretty clearly a case of ball to hand, but those that have a reason to dislike Liverpool see it as another reason why the footballing authorities simply want us to win the title.

Want there hasn't been much argument about is that Liverpool deserved the three points. The reason for that? We thoroughly deserved the three points.

Although if you listen to Man City midfielder Rodri, City were the far better team last night. Speaking after the match, via the Liverpool Echo, he said: "I think we were much better overall.

"We created more chances than them, but they arrive to our goal three times and scored three goals.

"We are leaving with a bittersweet feeling, because we wanted to win. I don’t think they have been much better than us, but they have scored the chances they had."

The match, and the match stats, tell a totally different story. But we can't be letting that get in the way of another Man City pity-fest.

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