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  • David Tyrer

Lovren lays people ignoring govt advice over Corona virus

Although we were a good week or more behind many other European countries, it was announced last night by the government that most businesses would now be told to close.

Despite this though, the streets are still largely busy, with people still going about their business and generally acting as if nothing has changed.

For that reason a lot of people have been hitting out at those refusing to adhere to advice, as have many celebrities.

And Liverpool's own Dejan Lovren had a right go at these people himself last night, posting a picture to Instagram, accompanied with the text: "Don't be so selfish. Do you even understand the size of the problem and the victims that medical staff is offering to us?

"People what's wrong with you?

"If you are waiting for a review in Croatia for a few months, it is clear how much we are ready for the root.

"Unfortunately there is not enough equipment. Shame can be all those who have broken self-insulation today and these days!

"You have no humanity at all, you have no brain, no face, no respect, no education. You have nothing.

"While others throw themselves on your head, you just sit there and drink coffee. Shame!"

As cases and, unfortunately, resultant deaths increase by the day, we appear to be heading closer to a lockdown of our own when people will have no option but to stay indoors.

But sadly, in this country, we doubt that even being told to stay indoors at risk of arrest would be enough for some people.


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