• David Tyrer

Liverpool win kit court case, as New Balance claim dismissed

It'll be an interesting day today, after the decision in the High Court this morning that New Balance have had their case against Nike and Liverpool dismissed by Judge Teare.

Nike had, as you well know, taken their case to the High Court, as Liverpool had agreed a deal with Nike over new kit sponsorship and New Balance felt they had a right to match Nike's offer.

But Judge Teare has reportedly dismissed the US based company's claims, meaning that Liverpool are now free to agree a contract with Nike for the club's new kit sponsorship.

Bizarrely, according to the Liverpool Echo, it appears that the claims of Nike over the huge importance of their sporting stars and celebrities may actually have swayed the case in their favour too.

Mr Justice Teare said: "I have therefore concluded that the New Balance offer on marketing was less favourable to Liverpool FC than the Nike offer because Liverpool FC canot require New Balance, on the terms of its offer, to use global superstar athletes "of the calbire of LeBron James, Serena Williams and Drake"

"It must follow that Liverpool FC is not obliged to enter into a new agreement with New Balance upon the terms of the latter’s offer."


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