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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool unveil £60 million plans to expand Anfield to 61,000 seats

Liverpool have today officially announced plans to expand Anfield to 61,000 seats, which will take our famous ground closer to the maximum capacity of some of Europe's biggest.

Since the mid-90s, when plans to expand Anfield were originally being discussed, it's been a hell of a long wait for fans to see an increased and renovated Anfield.

Now it looks as if the wheels are in motion, with a plan set in place for the new £60 million development of the old, popular Annie Road end.

A series of public consultations will now get underway, starting today. There are, as yet, no predictions for how long the building work will take.

Speaking today, Liverpool's Chief Operating officer Andy Hughes said: "We are working towards creating an expanded Anfield Road Stand which will see around 7,000 additional seats.

"The majority of these seats will be for general admission use and we expect some seats will be allocated for a sports bar/lounge-type hospitality in order to ensure the economic viability of the expansion.

"Further profiling is needed and we expect to provide more detail at the second-stage consultation early next year.

"These first-stage consultation sessions we are holding are crucial as they will be used to inform the design proposals we are developing, which in turn will help us to make a decision on whether to proceed with the expansion as a whole."

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