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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool the most watched team in the Premier League

Perhaps it's no surprise, but Liverpool have now pushed ahead of Manchester United as the most viewed team in the Premier League.

Viewing figures have now been released for the amount of viewers tuning in to watch the Premier League games this season and Liverpool are ahead of the rest by some distance.

According to the Broadcaster's Audience Research Board - or BARB - Liverpool averaged a quite remarkable 1,662,801 per games, with Man Utd the closest to us in 2nd place with 1,520,948 per game.

Apparently the rest of the 'traditional' top six make up the numbers with Spurs (1,286,847 viewers per game), Chelsea (1,143,175), Manchester City (1,136,054) and Arsenal (1,117,644) trailing quite some way behind.

It would probably be a fair argument that a large portion of those watching the City games are Liverpool fans hoping for them to slip up too!

According to the Liverpool Echo, the figures run from the start of the season, up until 9th February but don't include 9 games shown on Amazon Prime or BT Sport.

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