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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool squad ignoring external media in bid for first Premier League

It's often said in top-level football that footballers aren't involved, or interested in, social media. Despite the fact that the majority of them have accounts on all platforms.

You will also hear that none of them read the papers, or listen to what's said on TV or the radio, as to avoid external stimulus.

But in any sport, the most successful in their given field are usually those that are best able to block out any noise and focus solely on the job at hand.

So it's positive that this is exactly what the Liverpool squad are doing, according to Jordan Henderson. He said (via the Liverpool Echo): "You try not to read as much on social media and stuff like that.

"The manager is really good with that. He makes sure the focus in training is 100% no matter what competition or who we’re playing.

"It's not about what people on the outside are saying, it's about what we do. Every training session is 100% focus and 100% concentration. That’s really important, that’s big for us."

Liverpool are - finally, thankfully - back in Premier League action in less than two days and regardless of what happens during this weekend, we'll remain top of the league.

And that ability to block out what's going on around them, and on social media, is hugely important. He continued: "We’ve got great characters in the dressing room, great leaders in the dressing room, who can lead that and make sure that level doesn’t drop, the standards are set every single day.

"When you do that over a period of time, you get into the routine of doing that and then it becomes easier and easier.

"Now and again, someone might have to do something just to remind someone, or the manager might say something to make sure that standards are not dropping and the focus remains at 100%.

"Now and again, you do need that, but overall we have a great squad that are always focused and are always wanting to achieve more."

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