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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool squad having sessions via Zoom, says Jurgen Klopp

Anybody who's even partly active these days is no doubt having a rough time of things during lockdown.

For super-fit, elite-level athletes like our LFC lads though, that's must be ten-fold, as they're struggling in lockdown, just like us.

Sure, sitting in multi-level mansions with vast gardens probably isn't too hard, but it can't be easy for them to keep their Premier League fitness levels up to snuff.

According to Jurgen Klopp, the players are currently having sessions via Zoom, the video conferencing software, and it's absolute chaos.

In a hilarious interview via, Klopp said: "Yeah, some people may say it’s like a normal meeting or normal session we have! But it’s not like this. I like that as well.

"When we start at 10, the chat is open from 9.30 on and pretty much everybody is already in. Especially in the first few they were all pretty early in the chat, so it was really chaotic.

"Meanwhile, they join it later now everybody knows how it works technically and stuff like that. So they come later, but in time, which is important – because we fine that as well!

"Too late in a Zoom session means you have to pay! That’s the best thing of having this situation in 2020 – we have this technical opportunity.

"Imagine if we would have had that in the ‘80s or something like that, it would have been really crazy.

"Not because of football, because of all the social contact and interaction we can have and use in the moment. That makes a big difference."

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