• David Tyrer

Liverpool's value finally passes the mythological £1 billion mark

For club owners, having your club finally valued over £1 billion is surely the dream. It's what they're in the sport for, after all. The more valuable the asset, the more profitable.

So a recent study into the value of the top football clubs in the world has revealed that Liverpool are no one of only six football club in the world that are valued £1 billion and above.

In terms of 'most valuable brands', the Reds have moved into the top six in the world, with a new valuation of £1.03 billion. The highest the club has ever been valued at.

By contrast, the top valued club, Real Madrid, are worth £1.4 billion and they have retaken top spot back from Man Utd.

The Reds sit behind Man City in sixth, with Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Utd making up the rest of the top six.

In terms of the strength of each brand, Liverpool now rank 5th, a place above this season's title rivals Man City.

The report considers the Reds to be one of only 5 footballing 'brands' that are classed as 'AAA+' and LFC are 2nd in terms of which brands have seen their value increase most during this season.

No prizes for guessing who makes up the remainder of the top five in that particular category either.

The report was compiled by Brand Finance.


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