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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool's Sadio Mane loves playing with Salah and Firmino

When Liverpool signed Roberto Firmino from Hoffenheim in 2015, it was met with large portions of mocking and derision from the UK press who'd 'never heard of him'.

When Liverpool signed Sadio Mane in 2016, many fans were disappointed that we'd failed to sign Mario Gotze from Bayern Munich.

And when the club signed up Mo Salah from AS Roma in 2017, Chelsea fans laughed that we'd signed their flop and the press were slightly amused that we'd signed a player that nobody else have had any interest in.

But nobody had factored in Jurgen Klopp and his uncanny ability to turn rough diamonds into world class stars. Just ask Mario Gotze. He hasn't been the same since he left Dortmund, and clearly regrets turning him down in 2016 as well.

We now have the best front three in the world. Nobody possesses three such different players, who work in tandem in such a way and Sadio Mane has today expressed how lucky he feels to be able to play with two incredible players.

Speaking to the Official Liverpool FC Magazine, he said: "I always say it is very easy to work together. Personally, I just think myself very lucky to play alongside these great players.

"Every single player who plays alongside them would enjoy it because they are very good players and they make everything easy, so I just enjoy playing alongside them.

"We are all from different countries and speak different first languages but I think football is one language and it is universal so everybody can speak it. It is the same with Mo, Bobby and myself."

As most of our players do, Mane credits the success of our incredible front three to Jurgen, the man who has turned so many players into the players they are now and who has given Liverpool fans their optimism and positivity about their club back again.

He continued: "I would struggle to describe just how good and how successful he has been for Liverpool. Everybody can see what he has done for this club, for this city and the quality he has as a manager.

"[He] always has the right words and the right things to manage his team, especially knowing how to deal with his team. I would always trust his influence on the team. He is a winner."

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