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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool's rivals Man City criticised for use of tactical fouls

Far be it for us to say it, but Man City don't exactly play fair, when it comes to their use of 'tactical fouls' since Guardiola arrived.

It's been an issue for many Liverpool fans during the game against last season's title rivals, and it's something that's been brought up in the past.

But during the game against West Ham on Saturday, it was laid bare for all to see, as VAR was being used for the first time in the Premier League this weekend.

The failure of the officials to acknowledge and punish Guardiola's team repeatedly was something that irritated Manuel Pellegrini, who said his team was constantly fouled every time they attempted to counter attack and it's something City have done for years now.

He said: "As a manager it is difficult to say you are not happy in the way we worked, especially with how we played in the first 45 minutes.

"There was not a lot of difference between the two teams.

"Last season we lost 4-0 here to Man City and we knew they could score more. This time, in the first 45 minutes we played well, we didn't ever feel on the bench that City could score. We had good possession, maybe we needed a couple of more players to get in their box but it was a tight game.

"Every time that we tried to arrive to their box, they committed 13 fouls. We had just five. We were a little bit innocent. After that we had a couple of chances to make it 2-1, finally with spaces in the last minutes the scored their goals."

It's good that the issue has finally been brought to the attention of the media, and during the first match day of the season too, it may give officialdom incentive to act in the future.

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