• David Tyrer

Liverpool's number one Alisson grateful for Bobby's calmness in front of goal

If there's one player you'd never have assumed to be presented with the match-winning chance in the final of the CWC on Saturday, it wasn't Roberto Firmino.

That's not because he isn't a world class finisher, at best, it's simply because he hasn't been in great form recently and his goal scoring exploits this season have left something to be desired, that's for sure.

But his national team mate Alisson Becker had no such doubts. Why would he? After all, he see more of Bobby than anybody.

He told Liverpoolfc.com: "It is Bobby’s quality, his moves, and he is really calm in front of goal.

"He trains like that, so when you train like that and you are concentrating, you arrive on the pitch and you do the right things. I’m really, really happy that he scored, he’s a guy who deserves everything and we are really happy."

Liverpool had seemingly met their match in the Brazilian side before the forward put away the only goal in the 99th minute, making Liverpool the World Champions in the process.

And it's something that Alisson will be eternally grateful to Bobby for. He continued: "It’s amazing, the first ever club world champion for Liverpool.

"We are really happy to be here and we are really happy that we bring the trophy to our city, to our club. We love football, we love to play and we enjoy every championship that we play and we have more to come now."


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