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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool's Annie Road expansion to be bigger than planned

Reports today are stating that the proposed expansion to the Anfield Road stand could be bigger than originally planned.

The old stand is the next on the list for the club to expand, and an initial 4,500 expansion has been changed, with prospective capacity increasing from around 58,800 to well over 60,000.

The news came from some quotes from Peter Moore, in an interview he gave whilst the club were in New York.

When asked about the old plans, Moore told the Associated Press: "That is insufficient for our plans.

"We’re continuing to analyze what is the optimum number.

"I think in the next few months you’re going to hear from us as regards to what those plans will be.

"I can tell you definitively it won’t be the rather small-to-medium plans we had recently"

With the club's increasing success, on and off the field, in the years since Jurgen Klopp arrived, the demand for tickets has reached an all-time high.

Any new capacity, whether 60, 70 or 80 thousand, will be packed out to the rafters with absolutely no problem at all.

But it's certainly a good sign that the club are willing to increase the proposed plans, due to clear demand.

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