• David Tyrer

Liverpool reportedly keen to tempt Sancho with 'mega-salary'

Another one for the 'probably isn't true, but it's fun' category, as Bild are suggesting that LFC are keen to bring in Jadon Sancho. Again.

Only this time, they say that the club are prepared to offer the England international a 'mega-salary'. Quite what that entails is anybody's guess.

The player's club is still asking for €130m, something which Liverpool will no doubt baulk at, unless either Mo Salah or Sadio Mane is leaving. Which they almost certainly won't be.

Without selling on a major player, it's a move that really doesn't make any sense. Of course, most fans would like to see the club sign a player of Sancho's calibre regardless but we just can't see it happening.


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