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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool players 'took the piss' out of Mane after Mo Salah saga

It's ancient history now for Liverpool fans, despite the best efforts of the British press to make a far bigger issue of it, but it appears the LFC squad only saw the funny side.

You may remember how angry Sadio was when Mo Salah had one of his more greedy games last month, after he was on for a hat-trick but Salah chose to shoot from a tough angle.

But apparently, the rest of the squad took the piss out of Mane after that incident. Something he can not - thankfully - see the funny side of.

He said (via the Liverpool Echo): "It was a misunderstanding, I just wanted to help the team.

"You look at teams like City, they sometimes score five or six. If there’s a possibility to kill off the game as quickly as possible all the while trying to score many goals, I think that’s important, and so I was a bit frustrated.

"We just talked, and everything was like before. We talked between ourselves, and then the manager called me into his office and we spoke. I told him it was already sorted and he was pleasantly surprised.

But he also mentioned how one of the prime jokers in the squad, Gini Wijnaldum, told him that everyone else was laughing about the situation. He said: "Everyone was taking the p**s out of us.

"Wijnaldum, who likes to tease people, waited until everyone was there, came up to me and asked out loud ‘Mo Salah, why did Mane want to hit you?’ and the whole team started laughing."

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