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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool mayor to oppose LFC trademark

The Reds announced in the past month that the club has plans to trademark the name 'Liverpool', with regards anything football related.

It was met with outrage and disgust from even the most ardent Liverpool fans, as the reality dawned on fans and small local businesses alike that this would impact them.

The club later moved to explain their position, that this wasn't meant to hurt fans and small fan-run local businesses but that hasn't stopped many from urging the club to rethink.

And, true to form, Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson has moved to oppose the plans. But let's be honest, LFC could propose a plan to solve world hunger and Anderson would oppose it.

In these circumstances though, it's hard to disagree with him. He said: "I have informed LFC that I and LCC will oppose their attempt to Trade Mark the name Liverpool.

"I do not believe you can trade mark a city name.

"I value our relationship with LFC and we will work to help remove counterfiet goods,but we will also protect local traders and our brand."

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