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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool looking at a big profit from potential sale of Lazio star

At this point, all of the big bucks are on another Serie A win for Juventus, but Lazio beating Fiorentina last night leaves them 4 points behind with 10 games remaining.

Lazio face Juve in just over 3 weeks, by which time they'll hope to have closed the gap. The point being that, the more impressive Lazio's finish, the more they'll likely ask for former Liverpool forward Luis Alberto when he likely makes his big move in the summer.

The young Spaniard has steadily improved since joining the Italian club and his form in the last 12 months has seen him become an in-demand player.

It's likely he'll move on this summer and Lazio are expected to ask for as much as £69 million for him. The key point here is that Michael Edwards negotiated a clause that will see LFC get 30% of whatever Lazio sell him for. In this case, that would mean we'd get over £20 million.

In could also explain why Lazio would be highly reluctant to sell him at all, but losing so much of their profit from the player would hurt them. As to whether they'll get that much for him remains to be seen.

According to the Liverpool Echo, the club are keen to have him sign a new contract to deny the Red of that nice little earner.

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