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  • David Tyrer

Liverpool in the thrall of 'Kloppomania', says Joel Matip

We're struggling to recall a more popular manager at any single football club in the last 30 years, as Jurgen Klopp is at Liverpool now.

Obviously, the Spanish 'genius' up the motorway is certainly very popular at the moment, after winning a domestic treble but he's never really had a connection with the fans.

Most fans of most football clubs would love to have Jurgen managing them, regardless of trophies won, as the majority of clubs will rarely win anything.

That being the case, you would want - at least - a manager who can make your trips to the match, or the pub as enjoyable as possible. And that's what Klopp tries to do for us.

The fact that he just picked up his first trophy at Anfield, the biggest of them all, is just the icing on the cake.

So it's of very little surprise to hear Reds' defender Joel Matip tell German outlet Bild am Sonntag that there is a wave of Kloppomania sweeping Liverpool since Jurgen's arrival.

He said: "Everyone in Liverpool has worked very hard for this.

"But Klopp is the decisive factor. He has put the team together and led it to where it is now. No question: Klopp is the mastermind of this title.

"He is a 'human catcher' who conquered the whole city of Liverpool - or maybe even whole England - with his enthusiasm. The club, the city, the team, everyone is straight behind him, unconditionally.

"It's something like Kloppomania here! Because he is how he is. Genuine and real - simply Kloppo."

To hear a player speaking in such a fond way about his manager is a rarity in football, with short-termism so popular these days. You certainly get the impression a lot of these players are here for the long-haul. Provided Jurgen stays.

With Liverpool now challenging for (and winning) major trophies, keeping our best players, and enticing the best in the world, shouldn't be difficult. Not when you hear the thoughts of players like Matip on the reaction to the Champions League final win.

He continued: "It is still hard to realise.

"It's simply madness what our win has triggered.

"The whole city was dressed in red when we came back from Madrid. The pure joy, like an ecstasy. These pictures will always remain in my mind. An unbelievable experience."

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